Does Your AC Seem to Struggle in the Summer?

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Louisiana temperatures can soar well into the 90s during the summer months. Don't get stuck dealing with sweltering summer heat in your home. Nezat's AC & Refrigeration LLC provides air conditioner installations and air conditioner repairs to keep you calm and cool in Sunset, LA. Our expert technicians work with most name brand air conditioning systems.

Contact us today to let us troubleshoot your system. We provide free estimates on all new installations.

Signs you need AC repairs

Unfortunately, air conditioning units aren't built to last forever. Over time, they'll eventually begin to wear down. You may need air conditioner repair services if you begin to notice:

  • Your unit turns on and off constantly
  • The air isn't blowing
  • Air is flowing, but it's not cool

Your AC could also alert you by making strange noises, or you could even notice an increase in your energy bills. Call 337-351-1463 now for affordable air conditioner installation or repairs done right the first time.